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Interview Transcription: An Overview

Interview transcription is a broad term and encompasses a wide range of interviews with it. Interviews are of differing types with some consisting of just two participants while other interviews would have many. With the number of participants increasing, the complexity of recording goes up too. If the recording quality of these interviews are not good, , then the transcription of these interviews also gets to be a tough proposition.


Interview transcription involves the process of conversion of interview recordings into text form. Since interviews are conducted in every sphere of human activity, there are a wide range and type of interviews to choose from.


Most often, interview transcription is sought by firms such as market research companies and universities carrying out surveys and research projects. At times, students too undertake research interviews as part of their course content. Interviews can be transcribed in several ways. There can be verbatim transcription of interviews wherein everything recorded in the transcript is converted to text. This can include pauses, repetitions; and coughing, laughter and so on are enclosed within brackets. Words are typed in as they are in the recording.


Intelligent verbatim transcript is where the transcriptionist uses her common sense and eliminates unnecessary usage of words like “em’ and “ah” s , repetitions and other irrelevant parts of speech so that the transcripted text reads sensibly and with relevant information. Abbreviations too are transferred to full grammar so that the text reads well in good standard of language, containing relevant materials pertaining to the subject matter.


Discourse analysis technique in interview transcription is same as verbatim or intelligent verbatim but shows every pause, laughter and so on. Short pauses are denoted by ( ) and so on. Authors conduct several interviews when they need to do research for their books or articles. When there is a written transcript of these, it is easy for them to pull them out when they need to refer to pertinent information.


Private investigators, insurance companies and claim adjusters conduct interviews and transcripted texts of these help them as claimant and witness statements. Radio and television shows conduct interviews and they will pull out various clips together to compile a professionally polished program. Interview transcriptionists’ help them by inserting time codes into these interviews so that it helps them greatly when searching for a particular clip or video to use in the program. Focus group interviews are conducted by market research companies to gather poll surveys on various topics and products. Transcripted texts of these help them to arrive at god solutions. Historians record interviews of all kinds and these are very important to be preserved for later use as transcripted texts.


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