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Transcribing digital recording into text format is called digital transcription. Formats like MP3, wav, au, acc, etc are digital file formats. Depending on what types of digital recordings are used software and hardware are needed to play the format and transcribe it. There are varieties of applications to play and interpret digital format. With the advent of digital recording transcription work has become easy. The digital storage devices like CDs, DVDs conveniently store digital data and help in transcribing them. Digital data can be sent and received through email. The file can be compressed and sent through a server that is called File Transfer Protocol (FTP). Using this technology files can be transferred from one computer to another.


The transcription work can be done by the company or can be outsourced to a reliable transcription services. If you prefer to do the transcription work all by yourself there are number of transcription software that are available for free. These software allows the user to play, rewind, forward and stop the recordings. Some of the accessories needed for transcribing the digital recordings are headphone and a foot pedal. The most important of all is to see if the hardware is compatible with the software that was installed for digital transcription. For good quality output it is important that the recording should be done in a noiseless environment. There should be no background noise and this can ensure that the recording is of high quality.


Depending on what type of operating system you use the software are designed. For instance if your operating system is Microsoft windows then Window Media Player is suitable. If you use Mac operating system then iTunes has to be installed. Sometimes there may be requirement to configure your computer to suit the software. The computer recognizes and plays only particular software and this depends on the file type. As far as digital transcription is concerned there are number of benefits, it helps to speed up the transcription process. The cost of conversion is less when compared to using traditional recording methods for transcription. The sound quality is excellent and hence the transcription work is completed quickly.


Overall using a digital transcription services saves on time and money. Transferring the files also is simple as the files can be shared via internet. This can drastically reduce the pickup and delivery time. Digital transcription ensures an error free transcription and this is the best possible way to transcribe your files. Allocate the job to a reputed transcription company and relax. They take care to provide error free transcription within the stipulated time.



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