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Table Skirts – Dress up your table

Dressing the table is vital to give a facelift to the occasion. A table can be dressed in a number of ways and the most common method of making your presentation table look attractive is by using table skirts. It is attached to the table cloth that reaches up to the floor giving your table a flowing appearance. Skirting material can be of many types, silk, linen, cotton, stain and lace. The cloth is not just hung around the table but a pattern is created to make the skirting look attractive, some of the common patterns used for table skirting are box pleat, shirred or gathered pattern among others.

Irrespective of the shape of the table, skirting can be done. It gives the table a divine grace. Skirting comes in rich color combination and can fit any occasion. Table skirts are readily available in the market for both traditional and modern events. For a grand event embroidery, printed fabric or appliqué work skirts are used. This not just makes the table attractive but adds a unique grace to the whole occasion. Sometimes plain cloth is used and sometime designs like abstract prints, floral prints and geometrical patterns are used to add glamour to the event.

Table skirting is used for many occasion, weddings, business meetings, exhibition stalls, formal and informal get-togethers, banquets, buffet meetings among others. There is no limitation as to when to use table skirts and when not. Mostly skirts are used where the table needs to be given a grand appearance. Table skirts come in varied types, cloth, linen, plastic, raffia table skirts and banquet skirts. You can make the skirts more attractive by using additional trims, borders and embroiders. The whole room can be enhanced by choosing the right kind of skirting material for the table.

Skirts come in two pieces, the upper tablecloth and the skirt that is attached to the edge of the table using clips. The skirts drape to the floor giving a cozy look. It is not just meant for decorative purpose but for utility as well. The cover region can be used to stack books, pamphlets or flyer during an exhibition event. In parties, gifts or decoration left overs can be covered beneath the table skirt. You can also have logos printed on the skirt for corporate events giving a professional appearance. Customized skirts are also popularly used now a days.


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